Become an affiliate
and receive 20% per transaction

our affiliate program is managed by Share-it

I signed up - what happens next?

Share-it will check the data for each newly registered affiliate and then notify us. Since we can either immediately accept a partnership with an affiliate or first check their information, there can be a short delay until the account is activated. This also depends on how often we check affiliate requests. In any case, we will notify you by e-mail of your request status.

After you have registered and your account has been activated, you will receive your login information for the Affiliate Control Panel. The Control Panel contains detailed information about your partnership and products. After your account has been activated by us, you can add a link to your website and market our products.

In the "Products" section of the Control Panel, you can create links to the relevant products and request authorization to market other products by us.

After receiving our authorization, you will have two options to set up sales:

  • You can add a direct link to our product pages. After deciding which products you would like to market, use the Link Generator in the Control Panel ('Products' section) to activate your links to the product pages and the sales system. These links automatically contain your affiliate ID. This ensures that every sale you make can be attributed to you. You can then integrate these links into your website.
  • Add a link to our website. Though this method might not immediately generate sales, it places a cookie on the visitor's computer, proving that the visitor became aware of the website through your site. This will ensure your commission in case of a sale. To place this type of link, you also need to use the Link Generator in the Control Panel.
Please note:

  • Information Acquisition Systemz BV, not Share-it, is responsible for activating your account or authorizing product marketing. Also note that activation/authorization might be delayed. In any case, you will be notified by e-mail of all status changes.
  • If we reject a partnership, please contact us directly.

How can you make sure that all of my referrals are accounted for?

There are two methods to track your sales: You can choose to rely on the affiliate ID, which is contained in your unique order link, or you can have us place a cookie on the user's machine with your affiliate ID stored in it. If the user purchases the software at a later time, the cookie will be recognized and the sale assigned to you.

When will I get paid my commission?

Share-it sends out Payment Reports to affiliates on the 8th of the each month for the previous month's sales.

Payment is then made on the 15th for the previous month's earnings, provided you reach the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission earnings.

Is there a minimum amount I have to earn in order to receive payment?

Yes, you must earn a minimum of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission before payment can be made. If the minimum amount is not reached, the total is carried over to the next month.

How much commission will I receive?

We define the commission rates for our affiliates. Our standard rate is 20%. You can find the applicable commission rate next to the product name in the product selection list in the Affiliate Control Panel. You will be notified by e-mail if we change a commission rate.

Which payment methods and currencies are available for me to receive my payments?

You can receive your commission by check or wire transfer in US dollars, euros or British pounds. You can specify your preferred payment method in the Control Panel under Administration > Your Payment Information.

I haven't received my payment for last month's sales, what do I do?

This can be due to a number of reasons. If you have set a minimum payment yourself, it may not have been reached. Or you may not have reached our minimum (see "Minimum Amount" above). If so, your commission will be retained until it has reached the set limit.

If you have not set a limit yourself, or if you think your commission should not have been retained, please e-mail us at Please note that wire transfers take some time before taking action.

Are there any costs participating as an affiliate?

There are no monthly or fixed costs to you for participating in our affiliate program.

What information will I receive on my sales?

You can access sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel. These provide an overview of your sales and commission payments by date. Share-it does not, however, disclose end customer data, since you are not the legal owner of this data.

How should I promote the products?

You can place the referral links anywhere on your website. It is typically a good idea to place them with complementing products or related topics to help generate referrals. Since you have a lot of flexibility with the links, you can also try out different locations of the links on your website to gauge their effectiveness.

How can I terminate my partnership with Information Acquisition Systemz BV?

In your Affiliate Control Panel, you can display all your partnerships in the section "Products". Simply filter by "Partnership exists". For each partnership, you will find a button "Terminate partnership". Then simply remove the links from your website after you have submitted your termination request.

Can I adapt the order process to the "look & feel" of my own website?

Yes, you can edit your styles in the Affiliate Control Panel, where you can set a default style for the order process with the Share-it Style Editor.

How can I generate links using the Link Generator?

Using the Link Generator, you can generate links to an order page, a website, or a catalog page. You can find this function under Products > Link Generator, or go to Products > Find, filter for "Partnership exists", and click on "Generate product links" to the right of the product.

To generate shopping cart, product and order page links, do the following:

  • If you did not access this page directly via Products > Link Generator, please enter the product ID.
  • Select the page in the order process you would like to display.
  • Then select the language to be displayed. (If no selection is made, English will be the default display language)
  • You can also define a URL reference for the back link. This URL will be used if the customer selects "Continue shopping" after placing a product into the shopping cart. You can link to your Website or display it as a reference if you have a store page. Your customer can then continue purchasing products.
  • If you click on the "Generate Product Links" button, the HTML code is displayed in an output window.

If you generate links to ourwebsite or a different URL, Share-it will place on the customer's computer a cookie valid for six months containing your affiliate ID. If a customer visits our website for the first time, views the product descriptions and comes back later to buy a product, Share-it will be able to determine using the cookie on the customer's computer that this customer was originally directed to this website from your site. You will receive commission from the publisher for the completed sale, even at a later date.

Every link generated by the Link Generator as described above contains your affiliate ID so that sales generated can be attributed to you.

You can also create individual catalogs and allocate products from one or more publishers to these catalogs. Use the Link Generator to link to a catalog page so that you have to maintain your catalog only, rather than the links to the individual products. Your customers will see a website listing all products in that particular catalog.

How do I find products that aren't listed 'Partnership does not exist'?

To find the product search function, go to Products > Find in the Affiliate Control Panel. You will find several options there for searching for products for which you have not yet requested partnerships:

  • If you are looking for a specific product, enter the entire product name or part of the product name (at least three characters) in the appropriate field.
  • You can also search for a specific publisher by entering the publisher's name in the appropriate field.
  • You can also search for products in a specific category.
  • If you know the Share-it product ID, you can enter it to find the product you are looking for.

Please note that due to the large number of products available, only a selection of products is displayed, unless you filter by product or publisher name. Please also note that publishers can select the products for which they would like affiliate support.

If you followed our instructions, but are unable to find a particular product by a publisher with whom you have not yet worked, please contact indicating the name of the publisher.