Prospects - persons regarded as potential customers, clients, etc.

Acquire customer info to meet your marketing goals

Prospects is a fully customizable Windows program that sits on your laptop, acquiring the client information you need to meet your marketing goals at trade shows, events, etc., while making sure that your corporate image is properly displayed to potential clients.

Acquire customer info to meet your marketing goals

Prospects for Windows

  • pays for itself the first time out by saving on the costs involved in having to pay someone to type in all that information from scraps of paper or business cards.
  • information is stored on your computer sorted by trade show / event. Makes it easy to remember who you've seen and where.
  • no limit (based on your computers' storage capacity) to the amount of information that can be collected at any one time: from 1 to 1,000,000+ prospects.
  • all information is stored in text files which can be accessed by most bulk mail programs or imported into popular database & spreadsheet programs.
  • your screen is locked so prospects cannot access your computer when they enter their info into Prospects.
  • prospects are thanked after they enter their information by a fully customizable thank-you screen.

Prospects for Windows

This is a desktop version for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Prospects runs on your laptop and doesn't need an internet connection to acquire information.

All information is stored locally in text files ready to be used for your marketing needs.

*** The Lite and Retail versions of Prospects are identical with one exception. The Lite version inserts an asterisk every five characters in the information being saved making the collected information unusable. ( is saved as info*myem*il.c*m).

This allows you to thoroughly evaluate Prospects while preventing it's unlicensed use. ***

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  • the Windows version includes multiple monitor support. Extend the desktop on your laptop by adding a separate monitor to show the presentation. This frees up your laptop for other things.
  • supports slideshows, displays most popular types of graphics and each element of your presentation can be placed with pixel perfect control.
  • save each presentation you create as a theme, allowing you to switch between presentations at the click of a mouse. Sample themes are included.
  • submit your themes to and we'll make them available for download and add them as samples to an upcoming version.
  • Has an on-screen keyboard for use on touchscreen tablets and laptops.
  • Use Prospects to acquire the customer information you need to meet your marketing goals. Whether you're at a trade show, event, or in your store, Information Acquisition Systemz has a version of Prospects to meet your needs.

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  • Upon ordering, your activation code, download and installation instructions are sent by email from Please whitelist this address or check your spam box if you don't receive them within a reasonable time after ordering.
  • Software is available by download only so there is no physical delivery.

Prospects for Windows

  • unlimited free updates

  • unlimited free themes

  • unlimited free support

  • unlimited prospect information