Become a reseller
and receive 25% per transaction

our reseller program is managed by Share-it

What's the difference between a reseller and an affiliate?

As a reseller, you can order software online quickly and easily on our website for resale to your customers. To do this, you log on to our website during the order process using your reseller ID and password. As we offer discounts for reseller orders, these special terms are activated when you log on.

As an affiliate, you market our products by placing links on your website to the relevant product pages on our website. You will receive commission for each sale of these products via your website.

Where and how can I register as a reseller?

You will find a Register now button at the bottom of this page where you can register as a reseller for our products. Fill out the form and enter a password of your choice that you will need later on along with your reseller ID to place online orders with us. Information entered in this form - excluding your password - will be transmitted via an encrypted connection to Share-it, our partner for order and payment processing. You can also include a personal message to us in your registration.

I have registered. What's next?

Share-it handles the technical side of reseller management as our partner and notifies us about your registration specifically, as well as about each newly registered reseller. Since we can either immediately accept a partnership with a reseller or first review your information, there can be a short delay until you are activated as a reseller. In any case, Share-it will notify you by e-mail of the status of your request.

Please note that the decision about a partnership lies with us rather than with Share-it. For questions about this, please contact us directly.

When can I start ordering your products online as a reseller? When do special reseller terms and conditions take effect?

Special purchasing conditions granted by us apply only after you have been activated as a reseller for our products. You will receive an e-mail notification from Share-it, our partner for reseller management, confirming activation of your reseller account. Any applicable terms and conditions will be effective from then on.

For questions about this, please contact us directly.

What is the reseller ID used for?

The reseller ID and password you entered when you registered will identify you as a reseller for our products. Using your reseller ID and password, you will be able to log on to the order process on our website to quickly and easily order online and to receive reseller discounts, if applicable.

Your individual reseller ID for each publisher will be displayed to you online immediately after you register, as well as in the confirmation e-mail.

How can I order online?

Typically, you will place your order on our website as a MyCommerce ID or reseller. To do this, first choose the product(s) you would like to purchase and proceed to checkout, where you will be asked to enter your reseller ID and the password you received when you registered under "MyCommerce ID / Reseller" on the order form page.

A special link to a login page for resellers is provided at the bottom of this page. Enter your reseller ID and password you chose when you registered. This will take you to the product pages, where you can choose the product(s) you need and proceed to checkout.

Why can't I find the product I want to purchase?

If you cannot find or purchase a certain product on our website, it is possible that the product has been (temporarily) deactivated or that we are using a defined product catalog for resellers that does not contain the desired product.

For questions about this, please contact us directly.

Why don't I receive the special reseller discount for a product I've selected?

If no discount is displayed for the product selected on our website, it is possible that the we use a defined product catalog for resellers and that the product you wish to purchase is not contained in this catalog. In this case, you can purchase this product only at full price.

For questions about this, please contact us directly.

Can I license a product to a customer's name, but have it delivered to me?

Yes. If you registered as a reseller during the order process, you can specify on the order form page to whom the product should be licensed, e.g. to the customer's name or company name, and to whom it should be delivered.

What are my options for licensing and delivery of a product?

Depending on the license type settings allowed by us, you can choose one of the following options when ordering online as a reseller:

  • Licensing to the customer, e.g. first and last name or company name.
  • Licensing to you, e.g. first and last name or company name
  • Delivery to you (delivery address and billing address are identical)
  • Delivery to the customer if customer information is entered on the order form

I have questions about an order. What can I do?

You can view your orders in the Reseller Panel (click on the Sign in button below). The Reseller Panel is your central management tool for orders, invoices and products as a reseller through Share-it.

The Reseller Panel contains a wide range of information about your orders and invoices, allows you to view and directly order the products in your product catalog and provides customized reports for your orders. In addition, you can view your products with strongest sales, your top sellers, and your most frequent customers. Under Collective Payments, you can combine several unpaid invoices into a single collective payment.

How can I order using a purchase order?

We can authorize resellers to make purchases using purchase orders. If you are authorized to use purchase orders, you will see the "Purchase Order" payment type on the form page displayed in the order process.

Why do I get a discount on a certain product but not for another?

As soon as you have selected products to purchase and have logged on to the order process as a reseller, any discount granted by us is applied immediately, and product prices are automatically reduced. However, if a discount is not granted or displayed, this means the product is not contained in our catalog for resellers.

Where can I change my contact information?

If your e-mail address has changed, for example, you can enter the new address for future orders in your Reseller Panel (click on the Sign in button below) under "Account Information".

For all other changes not relating to your billing or delivery address, please contact Customer Service. A contact form is also available in the Reseller Panel.

As a reseller for your products, can I make online purchases from other publishers as a reseller?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. You always register as a reseller for a publisher to buy the publisher's products and then resell them. For other publishers' products, you need to also register as a reseller with those particular publishers. This means you will have a separate reseller ID for each publisher that you will need to enter during the publisher's order process along with the password you have chosen.