Terms & conditions

let's keep this simple

We dislike rules as much as you do, so let's keep them as simple as possible. Play fair, don't take things that aren't yours, and of course share everything.

By using our services, you are agreeing to abide by our terms & conditions.

Our privacy and cookie policy can be found here.


Everyone is entitled to register for one (1) free Bronze account.

Those attempting to register for multiple Bronze accounts will have all their accounts blocked and any information collected will disappear.

As Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts are paid options, you can have as many as you want.

Each account also has certain limitations: the number of events you can create, the number of emails you can acquire per event, the number of concurrent devices, etc. Anyone caught trying to circumvent their account limitations will be

  • asked to upgrade their account to accommodate those limititations, or

  • their account will be terminated.


We want to share our experiences, marketing ideas, product notices, etc. with you via our newsletter, so you can succeed in acquiring more prospects, improve your business, and make more money.

Receiving our newletter is mandatory for registered users of our Bronze package, although those using our paid options can opt-out if they so desire.

use of collected information

We can't tell you how to use the information you have gathered, but we can insist that you use it legally. Therefore, spamming, phishing, spoofing, whaling, etc. are forbidden uses and anyone caught using our services to acquire information for any illegal activities will have their account terminated and all their account information will be sent to the appropriate authorities.

This may sound a little harsh, but we want to make sure that your indiscretions do not affect our other customers.

For the record, we do NOT have access to your information. It may be stored in our databases, but only you (via your secure login) have access to it.


Our software license applies to all Windows programs marketed by Information Acquisition Systemz BV, notably Prospects, hereinafter called the Software.

Evaluation versions: These are software programs that you can evaluate thoroughly before you purchase them. Each program can be freely downloaded and evaluated for a reasonable time. After the evaluation period ends (in general 30 days) it is asked that you purchase the Software if you plan on continuing to use it. If you keep using the Software after the evaluation period has ended, certain features are blocked until you have made your purchase.

When you evaluate our Software it is asked that you request an evaluation code which will be sent to the email address you give us. By doing so you are giving us permission to use your email address to notify you about product updates in our newsletter. At any time you can remove yourself from our mailing list by clicking on the remove link in the email. If you do not wish to give us a valid email address to which we can mail you your evaluation code, then please don't download and evaluate our Software.

Once you have fully complied with the registration and payment procedures, Information Acquisition Systemz BV shall grant you a license to install and use the Software on one (1) computer system.

If you wish to use the Software on more than one computer at a time, you must purchase the equivalent number of licenses. (# computers = # licenses)

If you choose not to register (purchase) the Software after the evaluation period has expired, you should go to your Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs and uninstall your copy of the Software.


Over time, our terms and conditions may change to meet new challenges.

Changes will be posted here and notice of these changes will be sent by email to every account user, whether or not you have opted out of our newsletter.